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Director: Edward Cline
Screenwriters: W.C. Fields & Mae West
Length: 83 minutes
Released: 1940

my little chickadeeA western spoof that gives Mae West and W.C. Fields free range to showcase their innuendo and wit. The film is not strictly bound to western convention and does not hesitate to deviate when a gag can be executed.

The critical viewer may scoff at a 48 year old Mae Wests' role as an irresistible hussy. Indeed, at times she looks like a lumpy sausage. Regardless, West's sex kitten persona persists and prevails over her physical limitations. She successfully spoofs herself as well as the "whore with a heart of gold" western stereotype (ex: Dallas in Stagecoach).

W.C. Fields is in top form as the thirsty card sharp, horn-dog, Cuthbert Twillie.

The film provides a grand stage for both W.C. Field and Mae West to deliver and rework their stock material. For fans of either star, the film is a treat.


  • Mae West .... Flower Belle Lee
  • W.C. Fields .... Cuthbert J. Twillie
  • Joseph Calleia .... Jeff Badger, Proprietor Last Gasp Saloon
  • Dick Foran .... Wayne Carter, Editor Greasewood Gazatte
  • Ruth Donnelly .... Aunt Lou
  • Margaret Hamilton .... Mrs. Gideon
  • Donald Meek .... Amos Budge, Gambler
  • Fuzzy Knight .... Cousin Zeb
  • Willard Robertson .... Uncle John
  • George Moran .... Milton
  • Jackie Searl .... School boy
  • Fay Adler .... Mrs. 'Pygmy' Allen
  • Gene Austin .... Piano Player
  • Russell Hall .... Candy
  • Otto Heimel .... Coco
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