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Director: Edward Dein
Screenwriters: Edward Dein, Mildred Dein
Length: 79 minutes
Released: 1959

curse of the undead 1959One of the first Horror-Westerns features the creepy-looking gunslinger/vampire Drake Robey (Michael Pate). When Preacher Dan (Eric Fleming) delivers the last rights to the dead and dying young gals in town, he notices small puncture wounds on the neck (bite marks?). The Preacher also notices that Drake has disdain for daylight hours and his crucifix...

The Curse of the Undead features the common Western theme of landowners' rights (i.e., neighbors haggling over the property line). A strong-willed woman seeks a hired gun to avenge the deaths of those close to her. Drake Robey, the sharp-toothed quickdraw, answers the ad. He works for blood.

Although the plot includes the traditional good-versus-evil story line, it also presents an interesting theory of the origin of the vampire. The soundtrack is a treat (classic horror fare), complete with woodwinds and violins, giving this 1950's creature feature a scary movie feel.


  • Eric Fleming.... Preacher Dan
  • Michael Pate.... Drake Robey
  • Kathleen Crowley.... Dolores Carter
  • John Hoyt.... Dr. Carter
  • Bruce Gordon.... Buffer
  • Ed Binns.... Sheriff
  • Jimmy Murphy ....Tim Carter
  • Helen Kleeb.... Dora
  • Jay Adler.... Bartender
  • Eddie Parker ... Henchman
  • John Truax.... Henchman
  • Frankie Van.... Henchman
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