Thursday, Jun 2024
Director: Giancarlo Santi
Screenwriters: Ernesto Gastaldi
Released: 1973

the grand duelThe film opens with "Sheriff" Lee Van Cleef, clad in a sinister black hat, pulling into town on a stage to aid an unlikely bandit. The plot doesn't change much from there. It's a one-dimensional piece and--true to the spirit of the spaghetti western--smacks of endless close-ups of desperate men; yet, there is some humor and nifty--albeit unbelievable--acrobatic stunts and shoot-outs. Not bad for a spaghetti western. But, not that good, either.



  • Lee Van Cleef ... Sheriff Clayton
  • Alberto Dentice ... Philipp Wermeer
  • Jess Hahn ... Bighorse the Stage Driver
  • Horst Frank ... David Saxon/Patriarch
  • Klaus Grünberg .... Adam Saxon
  • Marc Mazza ... Eli Saxon
  • Dominique Darel ... Elisabeth, Adam's fiance
  • Sandra Cardini ... Anita, One of Madame Oro's Girls
  • Gastone Pescucci ... Borghese
  • Elvira Cortese ... Madame Oro, Stage Passenger
  • Anna-Maria Gherardi ... Saxon's Girl
  • Hans Terofal ... Jo Barrel
  • Antonio Casale... Hole the Bounty
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