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Director: Jerry Paris
Screenwriters: Jerry Belson & Garry Marshall
Length: 97 minutes
Released: 1972

evil roy sladeA failed TV pilot which has taken on a life of its own as a goofy cult favorite. Written and directed by the folks who brought us TV's Happy Days and its spin-offs. Astin plays Evil Roy, an unloved westerner abandoned just after birth due to a murderous Indian attack. Astin makes the most of his natural talent for the evil cackle and sinful leer. Haven fallen for the lovely "Miss Frontier" (Pam Austin), he attempts to start a new life to please her. When she insists that he should move back east with her and change his name, Roy considers "Evil John Ferguson," or "Evil Jim Newton". The movie lampoons all the Western clichés, some with humorous results, many without. This is an early, poor-man's Blazing Saddles. Listen for the TV Pilot narration by 'Mr. Haney' of Green Acres, watch for Dick Shawn's typically colorful turn and shake your head in dismay at the bad goofs until you get to the good ones, but don't hope for anything more than CAMP from Evil Roy Slade.



  • Mickey Rooney ... Nelson Stool
  • Dick Shawn ... Bing Bell
  • Henry Gibson ... Clifford Stool
  • Edie Adams ... Flossie
  • Pamela Austin ... Betsy Potter
  • Milton Berle ... Harry Fern
  • John Astin ... Evil Roy Slade
  • Arthur Batanides ... Lee
  • Milton Frome ... Foss - Telegrapher
  • Luana Anders ... Alice Fern
  • Robert Liberman ... Preacher
  • Ed Cambridge ... Smith
  • Connie Sawyer ... Aggie Potter
  • Alice Nunn ... Claire Beckendorf
  • Pat Morita ... Turhan
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