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Director: Don Seigel Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Screenwriters: Clair Huffaker from novel
Length: 101 minutes
Released: 1960

flaming starElvis adapts the Western to suit his massive hair and starched, upturned collar. In a role that was initially cast with Marlon Brando, Elvis is the tormented half-breed, Pacer Burton. After the opening scenes and songs, the movie settles into a serious commentary on race, interracial relationships, and violence. A young Barbara Eden plays Roslyn Pierce.

While Flaming Star may be one of Elvis' better films, it is definitely less entertaining than a flick like Viva Las Vegas (1964). If Elvis is in it, it must be Camp... And just what did the Colonel do as technical advisor?


  • Elvis Presley.... Pacer Burton
  • Steve Forrest.... Clint Burton
  • Barbara Eden.... Roslyn Pierce
  • Dolores del Rio....Neddy Burton
  • John McIntire.... Sam Burton
  • Rodolfo Acosta.... Buffalo Horn
  • Karl Swenson.... Dred Pierce
  • Ford Rainey.... Doc Phillips
  • Richard Jaeckel.... Angus Pierce
  • Anne Benton.... Dorothy Howard
  • L.Q. Jones.... Tom Howard
  • Douglas Dick...Will Howard
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