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Director: William Beaudine
Screenwriters: Carl Hittleman
Length: 88 minutes
Released: 1966

jesse james meets frankensteinIt is really Frankenstein's granddaughter who confronts the great American outlaw, but I suppose that only further weighs down an already cumbersome title. In this mixing of genres, the Western plays host. The monster comes to the frontier, saving Jesse James the trouble of having to back in time to Eastern Europe. However, that might be more interesting than what we end up with here. Jesse, somehow, was never killed, and his brother Frank is "hiding out as a preacher somewhere in Kentucky". Meanwhile, Frankenstein's creepy grandchild, complete with benevolent assistant and thick Hollywood style Romanian accent, has come very far west to set up shop, finding the "superstitious peasants and frequent lightning storms" highly suitable for her evil experiments. It will take all the considerable guile and savvy of Jesse James (played here by an actor either desperately trying to leave, or soon hopelessly to enter the porno industry...) to halt her efforts.

This mid-sixties novelty serves up a heaping helping of cheese. Virtually every element misses by one or two beats, but the novelty factor is strong... Ms. Frankenstein's lab is a hoot! The film could be a rough rider, but for the fun factor, we call it Camp.


  • Narda Onyx....Dr. Maria Frankenstein
  • John Lupton....Jesse James
  • Estelita Rodriguez....Juanita Lopez
  • Cal Bolder.... Hank Tracy -Igor
  • Jim Davis....Marshal MacPhee
  • Steven Geray....Dr. Rudolph Frankenstein
  • Rayford Barnes....Lonny Curry
  • William Fawcett....Jensen
  • Nestor Paiva.... Saloon Owner
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