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Director: Otto Preminger
Screenwriters: Frank Fenton from a Louis Lantz story
Length: 91 mins.
Theme Song: River of No Return ~Marilyn Monroe ~Tennessee Ernie Ford
Released: 1954

river of no return posterA chase movie that has the frontier folk (Monroe, Mitchum, and Mitchums' young son Rettig) on a raft in a wild river, pursuing the scoundrel, played by Rory Calhoun. Monroe wants Calhoun because she loves him, Mitchum wants him because he stole his horse. There is much action on the way down the river. There are Indians, ornery miners, and a stuffed cougar that Mitchum wrestles. The river photography is magnificent and the rafting dangerous. So one may wonder; what makes River of No Return Camp? Several reasons. Shots of the raft on the wild river (somewhere in the Yukon) are done from a distance. There are three people on the raft, but probably not Monroe, Mitchum, and Rettig. When these three are filmed on the raft, it is clearly in the studio. And the river is duct taped behind them. Also adding to the Campiness of the film is Monroe's four songs. All painfully slow "happy birthday Mr. President" sort of songs. Nevertheless, Mitchum's silky smooth, molasses voice soothes the viewer while Marilyn's constant soaking on the river showcases her considerable talents.

A good viewer but more appropriately, good Camp.


  • Robert Mitchum ... Matt Calder
  • Marilyn Monroe ... Kay Weston
  • Rory Calhoun ... Harry Weston
  • Tommy Rettig ... Mark Calder
  • Murvyn Vye ... Colby
  • Douglas Spencer ... Benson
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