Sunday, Dec 2023
Director: John Landis
Screenwriters: Steve Martin, Lorne Michaels, & Randy Newman
Length: 110 minutes
Released: 1986

three amigos There are some here at CouchCowboy who believe that Martin Short is one of the most talented entertainers in Hollywood today. He can sing, dance, or act while laying down hilarious physical comedy. There is always a little Ed Grimly trying to get out. Together with Steve Martin and Chevy Chase the Amigos present a delightful show.

The three cowardly studio ner-do-wells blossom into dashing heroes as the movie unfolds. Always buddies, the Amigos band together to outwit the dastardly El Guapo and his band of banditos. The goofs are plentiful and corny. In total, Three Amigos is an enjoyable movie. Surely, there is a sequel in the works...


  • Chevy Chase....Dusty Bottoms
  • Steve Martin....Lucky Day
  • Martin Short....Ned Nederlander
  • Patrice Camhi.... Carmen
  • Philip Gordon.... Rodrigo
  • Michael Wren.... Cowboy
  • Fred Asparagus.... Bartender
  • Gene Hartline.... Silent Movie Bandito
  • Sophia Lamour.... Silent Movie Senorita
  • William B. Kaplan.... Silent Movie Bandito
  • Santos Morales.... Telegrapher
  • Joe Mantegna.... Harry Flugleman
  • Jon Lovitz.... Morty
  • Phil Hartman.... Sam
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