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Director: Enzo Barboni
Screenwriters: Enzo Barboni
Theme Song: Trinity is My Name ~ Franco Micalizzi
Released: 1971

they call me trinityNot many westerns feature cowboys who exclaim "mama mia" or banditos who demand "good soup with garlic and mucho vino". The spagetti westerns are, of course, the exception. My Name is Trinity playfully mixes and matches Italian culture with the American West to effectively spoof the Western.

Brothers; Bambino and Trinity carry on with their sibling rivalry while bringing law and order to a border town. Mormons, apparently taking the southern route to the promised land, pass through the movie and need protection from the brothers. The boys delay their plan to steal horses long enough to teach the Mormons how to fight (by pounding them over the head with boards, clubs, and fists). The slapslick is bountiful and well executed. The film is clearly a close relative of the Saturday afternoon kung fu movies. And occasionally approaches the physical marvels of a Jackie Chan movie. At no times does the film pretend to be more than it is; a unabashed goof on westerns and the Clint, "Man-with-no-name" movies in particular.

Trinity is a lazy ner'-do-well who happens to have one of the fastest draws around. But if given his druthers he'd be napping or chasing the Mormons gals, not fighting for goodness. The film begins and ends with Trinity setting his horse on autopilot and heading into the sunset. Trinity is My Name is fun to watch and one of the better western spoofs ever made.


  • Terence Hill --- Trinity
  • Bud Spencer --- Bambino
  • Steffen Zacharias -- Jonathan
  • Dan Sturkie --- Tobias
  • Gisela Hahn --- Sarah
  • Elena Pedemonte -- Judith
  • Farley Granger --- Major Harriman
  • Ezio Marano --- Weasel
  • Luciano Rossi --- Timmy
  • Michele Cimarosa -- Peone
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