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Sergio Leone filmed many of his Westerns in Almeria, Spain

ALMERIA is located in South East Spain and is covered by a surface area of 8,774 sq. km. crossed by high mountain ranges and separated from each other by narrow valleys. The coastline, which extends to 120km, is beautiful and presents the visitor with some marked contrasts. Cabo de Gata is the most rocky and elevated coastline with a mountainous formation made up of volcanic materials. Small beaches, and coves can also be seen with extensive sandy beaches. Average yearly temperature is 19.3 centigrade, with especially mild winters and very warm and dry summers. This is not a large province and only a few towns have over 10,000 inhabitants: Adra, Dallias, Berja, Albox, Huércal-Overa and Nijar. Main industry is mining. There is gold, silver and lead mining, More recently, the region has become a major producer of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. There are various tourist routes in the province which link Almeria to the province of Granada and the route of the Alpujarras with its beautiful countryside and towns: Benhadux, Gádor, Aljama de Almeria, Canjáyar, Laujar, Alcolea, Berja, Arra, El Ejido, Dallias, Roquetas de Mar and Almeria. Along the coast is another route which links up with rocky cliffs, Cabo de Gata, Salinas, Rodalquillar and peaceful beaches such as Carboneras, Mojácar, Garrucha and Vera. Two towns are also on this route, Nïjar and Sorbas, and well known for their handicrafts. In the northern part of the province can be seen the so called Vélez route where you can visit Velez Rubio (an interesting castle) and Vélez Blanco with its famous Letreros cave containing prehistoric paintings. Almeria has an important port which offers a regular ferry service to Melilla, a few hours away. Some very interesting monuments are also in the city, e.g. the Arab alcazaba, built by Abd al-Rahman lll, the Cathedral which originally served defensive purposes and the churches of Santiago el Viejo and San Pedro. As the local cuisine is fish, the most popular dishes are pickled sardines, shellfish with mayonnaise, prawns, lobsters, etc., but not forgetting there are different kinds of stew made with partridge on offer here.


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