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Director: Edward Dmytryk
Screenwriters: Richard Murphy from Philip Yordan's novel
Length: 97 mins
Released: 1954

Broken Lance movie posterMatt Devereaux (Spencer Tracy) is the larger than life rancher who has built a frontier empire. He has three sons from his first wife and a fourth, Joe (Robert Wagner) from his Indian bride. Devereaux is cut from the same cloth as Tom Dunston (John Wayne) in Red River. They are tough frontiersman who have lived to see a more civilized time. Yet they cannot let go of the old way of doing things.

Although many things have changed on the range, hatred for Indians lingers. Devereaux's Indian wife (Katy Jurado) delivers a performance that drew an Oscar nomination.

Aside from the racial tension captured by the film there is also sibling rivalry and jealousy. The older sons are consumed by both as they connive to wrest the empire from their father and "breed" brother Joe.

Broken Lance is a fabulous story with an excellent cast. In total, it must be called a Classic.


  • Spencer Tracy ---- Matt Devereaux
  • Robert Wagner ---- Joe Devereaux
  • Jean Peters ---- Barbara
  • Richard Widmark ---- Ben Devereaux
  • Katy Jurado ---- Senora Devereaux
  • Hugh O'Brian ----- Mike Devereaux
  • Eduard Franz ----- Two Moons
  • Earl Holliman ----- Denny Devereaux
  • E.G. Marshall ----- The Governor
  • Carl Benton Reid ---- Clem Lawton
  • Philip Ober ---- Van Cleve
  • Robert Burton ----- MacAndrews
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