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Director: David Miller
Screenwriters: Dalton Trumbo from Edward Abbey's novel Brave Cowboy
Length: 107 mins
Released: 1962

Lonely Are the Brave posterThis is a wonderful story about an old cowboy living in the modern world. Kirk Douglas is the grizzled Jack W. Burns. A care-free cowboy who'd do anything to save his pals or his horse Whiskey. He comes into the city to break his former partner out of jail. On the way to jail, he encounters an embittered veteran and a fine bar room brawl ensues. Burns gets what he wants but times have changed and he finds himself alone and on the run. The second half of the movie concerns Burns' escape and the resulting chase. Viewers will find themselves rooting for Burns and amused by the Sheriff's (Walter Matthau) nonchalance in hunting the escapee.

The movie is set later than most movies rated by CouchCowboy. It is Kirk's extraordinary performance and a fabulous story that necessitates inclusion of Lonely are the Brave on this page.



  • Kirk Douglas --- Jack Burns
  • Gena Rowlands --- Jerri Bondi
  • Walter Matthau --- Sheriff Morry Johnson
  • Michael Kane --- Paul Bondi
  • Carroll O'Connor -- Hinton
  • William Schallert --- Radio Operator
  • George Kennedy --- Deputy Sheriff Gutierrez
  • Karl Swenson --- Reverend Hoskins
  • William Mims --- Bill Mims
  • Martin Garralaga --- Old Man
  • Lalo Rios --- Prisoner
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