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Director: Anthony Mann
Screenwriters: Dudley Nichols from a Joel Kane story
Length: 93 mins. B&W
Released: 1957

The Tin Star posterFonda and Perkins turn in fine performances in this well-balanced and beautifully photographed Western. Fonda is Morg Hickman, the lawman turned bounty hunter with more than a hint of disdain for the hypocrisy of small towns' "good citizens". As in Ford's Stagecoach (1939), those who are in positions of respect inevitably act in an unrespectable manner. The exception in Tin Star is Anthony Perkins who is the reluctant sheriff with much to learn. Fortunately, Henry Fonda happens through town and takes it upon himself to teach the lad gunplay.

Like many great Westerns, this movie builds toward a final showdown. It is Fonda and the Kid (Perkins) verses a lynch mob led by bad guy John McIntire (Bogartus). McIntire is wonderful as the town bully and thug.

Throughout the movie viewers are treated to gun fighting lessons as Morg (Fonda) teaches Perkins. For this reason alone, the movie is considered a Classic.


  • Henry Fonda --- Morg Hickman
  • Anthony Perkins -- Sheriff Ben Owens
  • Betsy Palmer --- Nona Mayfield
  • Michel Ray --- Kip Mayfield
  • Neville Brand --- Bart Bogardus
  • John McIntire --- Dr. Joseph J. 'Doc' McCord
  • Mary Webster -- Millie Parker
  • Peter Baldwin --- Zeke McGaffey
  • Richard Shannon -- Buck Henderson
  • Lee Van Cleef --- Ed McGaffey
  • James Bell --- Judge Thatcher
  • Howard Petrie --- Harvey King
  • Russell Simpson -- Clem Hall
  • Hal K. Dawson --- Andy Miller
  • Jack Kenney --- Sam Hodges
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