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Director: Clint Eastwood
Screenwriters: David Webb Peoples
Length: 127 mins.
Released: 1992

unforgiven posterThe most recent great Western, but hopefully not the last. A swan song for Eastwood, who turns in a fine performance along with a stellar supporting cast including the well-rewarded Hackman (Best Supporting Actor, 1992: Academy Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics, Golden Globes, New York Film Critics, National Society of Film Critics...) Eastwood answers all the past complaints of glorified movie violence in this film which has its characters question and confront the very issue of killing. Also, this Western brings a fine portrayal of frontier female labor issues to the screen. An outstanding movie. An instant Classic Western.


  • Clint Eastwood --- Bill Munny
  • Gene Hackman --- Little Bill Daggett
  • Morgan Freeman --- Ned Logan
  • Richard Harris --- English Bob
  • Jaimz Woolvett --- The "Schofield Kid"
  • Saul Rubinek --- W.W. Beauchamp
  • Frances Fisher --- Strawberry Alice
  • Anna Levine --- Delilah Fitzgerald
  • David Mucci --- Quick Mike
  • Rob Campbell --- Davey Bunting
  • Anthony James --- Skinny Dubois
  • Tara Dawn Frederick -- Little Sue
  • Beverley Elliott --- Silky
  • Lisa Repo-Martell --- Faith
  • Josie Smith --- Cross Creek Kate
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