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Director: John Ford
Screenwriters: Frank Nugent & Patrick Ford from a John Ford story
Length: 86 mins. B&W
Theme Song: Wagons West, Sons of the Pioneers
Released: 1950

wagonmaster posterA more likable pair of horse traders than Travis Blue (Ben Johnson) and Sandy Owens (Harry Carey Jr.) are hard to find in any western. Their easy manner and wise ways embody all that is good about the American Cowboy. They are hired by a group of Mormons to head a wagon train west. Along the way, assorted misfits fall in with the band. Among the Mormons, Elder Wiggs (Ward Bond) is the convert who struggles to control his salty tongue.

Bad guy Uncle Shiloh Clegg (Charles Kemper) does a fine job playing a despicable lay-about outlaw and father of a half-dozen halfwits out to leech off the train.

The film is filmed in one of John Ford's favorite settings, Monument National Park. The Park's striking vistas compliment the authentic-looking wagontrain as the 30' prairie schooners make their way through the Park on their way to the Promised Land.

Ford's graceful character development and wonderful cinematography coupled with a fine story and several real cowboys (Johnson and Harry Carey Jr.) make for a great movie. An undisputed classic.


  • Ben Johnson --- Travis Blue
  • Joanne Dru --- Denver
  • Harry Carey Jr. -- Sandy Owens
  • Ward Bond --- Elder Wiggs
  • Charles Kemper -- Uncle Shiloh Clegg
  • Alan Mowbray --- Dr. A. Locksley Hall
  • Jane Darwell --- Sister Ledeyard
  • Ruth Clifford --- Fleuretty Phyffe
  • Russell Simpson --- Adam Perkins
  • Kathleen O'Malley - Prudence Perkins
  • James Arness ---- Floyd Clegg
  • Francis Ford --- Mr. Peachtree
  • Fred Libby --- Reese Clegg
  • Jim Thorpe --- Navajo
  • Mickey Simpson --- Jesse Clegg
  • Cliff Lyons --- Sheriff of Crystal City
  • Hank Worden --- Luke Clegg
  • Don Summers --- Sam Jenkins
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