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Director: Sam Peckinpah
Screenwriters: Walon Green & Sam Peckinpah from Walon Green & Roy Sickner's story
Length: 145 mins.
Released: 1969

The Wild Bunch posterSaid by many to be Peckinpah's finest film, the Wild Bunch is a symphony of special effects and cutting techniques. He uses slow motion, flash-backs, close-ups, silhouettes, and aerial views to tell the story of a bunch of outlaws working the U.S./Mexican border. As with all of Peckinpah's film of this time, The Wild Bunch contains graphic violence and much blood-splattering.

The outlaws want to make one last heist and then retire. Operating with military precision and organization, Pike (William Holden) is the unchallenged leader and his first lieutenant is Dutch (Ernest Borgnine). The gang is pursued by railroad deputies, a motley crew headed by a reluctant Deke Thorton (Robert Ryan). Strother Martin plays Coffer, the typical boot-stealing, inbred role that Martin made a career portraying. The film follows the two groups as they move through Border country.

The story is riveting, the horsemanship is fantastic, and the cinematography is stunning. In total, it is a very entertaining movie, albeit bloody.

We tip our hat to Sam Peckinpah and say: The Wild Bunch is a Classic.


  • William Holden ---- Pike Bishop
  • Ernest Borgnine ---- Dutch Engstrom
  • Robert Ryan ---- Deke Thornton
  • Edmond O'Brien ---- Sykes
  • Warren Oates ---- Lyle Gorch
  • Jaime Sánchez ---- Angel
  • Ben Johnson ---- Tector Gorch
  • Emilio Fernández ---- Gen. Mapache Juerta
  • Strother Martin ---- Coffer
  • L.Q. Jones ---- T.C
  • Albert Dekker ---- Pat Harrigan
  • Bo Hopkins ---- Clarence "Crazy" Lee
  • Dub Taylor ---- Mayor Wainscoat
  • Paul Harper ---- Ross
  • Jorge Russek ---- Lt. Zamorra
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