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Director: John Wayne
Screenwriters: James Edward
Length: 161 mins. Restored to 204 mins
Theme Song: The Alamo ~ Dimitri Tiomkin
Released: 1960

the alamo 1960 posterJohn Wayne directed two movies, this one and The Green Berets. Like the Green Berets, this movie celebrates the fighting man. No one dies without honor and the battle is fought with great respect for the enemy. The battle scenes are huge. Thousands of Mexican soldiers surround a mission held by 185 men and Frankie Avalon. While the battle scenes are impressive, the movie bogs down in many places. It is hard to imagine that the original release was over 200 minutes long (The restored version is now available ~ 2000).

Richard Widmark puts in a decent appearance as Jim Bowie. He is directed to carry not just his namesake knife but some sort of multi-barreled black powder rifle. Viewers are never treated to the seeing Bowie reload the 6 barreled monstrosity. And amazingly, it does not kick when fired... but there is no need to nitpick here. The movie does a good job telling a story from early Texas. Even if it is in a romantic if not embellished way.


  • John Wayne....Col.Davy Crockett
  • Richard Widmark....Jim Bowie
  • Laurence Harvey....Col. William Travis
  • Frankie Avalon....Smitty
  • Patrick Wayne....Capt. James Butler Bonham
  • Linda Cristal....Flaca
  • Joan O'Brien ....Mrs. Dickinson
  • Chill Wills....Beekeeper
  • Joseph Calleia....Juan Seguin
  • Ken Curtis ....Capt. Almeron Dickinson
  • Carlos Arruza....Lt. Reyes
  • Jester Hairston....Jethro
  • Veda Ann Borg....Blind Nell Robertson
  • John Dierkes....Jocko Robertson
  • Denver Pyle....Thimblerig, the Gambler
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