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Director: James Edward Grant
Screenwriters: James Edward Grant
Released: 1947

angel and the badmanJohn Wayne plays the notorious gunslinger with the peculiar name, Quirt Evans, who has to rely on the nursing of some frontier Quakers and their lovely daughter to be able to sling his pistols once again. Despite his name, the kind young lady falls for Quirt and hopes he will leave his roughshod ways behind and settle down to some peaceful farming, Quaker style. But they are warned by the weary doctor: "This isn't Pennsylvania, this is the raw frontier!" Do they, in fact, need more of Quirt's ways, or does he need theirs --- and perhaps a nice new Quaker name, like Roger or Edward? Will Beauty settle the Beast; will the Angel tame the Badman? Perhaps predictable, but well-done, with a particularly nice, playful performance by the Duke in yet another role that could quiet those common critics with their platitude cries that Wayne can't act. A nice, overlooked romantic Western which includes a hair-raising wagon chase. This rare John Wayne production is most certainly a Good Viewer and quite possibly a Must See.



  • John Wayne....Quirt Evans
  • Gail Russell ....Penelope Worth
  • Harry Carey....Marshal Wistful McClintock
  • Bruce Cabot ....Laredo Stevens
  • Irene Rich....Mrs. Worth
  • Lee Dixon .... Randy McCall
  • Stephen Grant....Johnny Worth
  • Tom Powers....Dr. Mangrum
  • Paul Hurst ....Frederick Carson
  • Olin Howlin....Bradley
  • John Halloran...Thomas Worth
  • Joan Barton....Lila Neal
  • C
  • raig Woods ....Ward Withers
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