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Director: Robert Benton
Length: 94 mins.
Released: 1972

bad companyDirected by Robert Benton (who later brought us Places in the Heart (Sally Field, Glover, Malkivich) and Nobody's Fool (Newman) both solid, sentimental Hollywood views. Bad Company stars a young Jeff Bridges and a younger John Savage and that kid who was in the Summer of '42 (not the sensitive kid who got it on with Jennifer O'Neil, but his hyper friend...). Also, starring David Huddleston (The Big LeBowski)

The movie is about a bunch of kids who head West to avoid conscription into the Union Army. Set in 1863. There is humor and irony, but the story is also grim as the kids quickly come of age in the unforgiving West. Said to be credibly filmed in the sepia tones of the photos from the era. Our print was quite shitty and distracting. The rough ways of the West form the boys into characters we know best.

Nowhere near a Classic, probably not a Must See, but definitely a Good View.



  • Jeff Bridges....Jake Rumsey
  • Barry Brown ....Drew Dixon
  • Jim Davis ....Marshal
  • David Huddleston....Big Joe
  • John Savage....Loney
  • Jerry Houser...Arthur Simms
  • Damon Cofer...Jim Bob Logan
  • Joshua Hill Lewis....Boog Bookin
  • Geoffrey Lewis ....Hobbs
  • Raymond Guth....Jackson
  • Ed Lauter...Orin
  • John Quade....Nolan
  • Jean Allison....Mrs. Dixon
  • Ned Wertimer....Mr. Dixon
  • Charles Tyner....Egg Farmer
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