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Director: Delmar Daves
Screenwriters: Richard Collins from W.R. Burnett's novel The Asphalt Jungle
Length: 83 minutes
Released: 1958

the badlandersThe Badlanders (1958) Direct: Delmar Daves (also directed: The Hanging Tree, '59; Cowboy, '58; 3:10 to Yuma, '57; Broken Arrow, '50; Drum Beat, '54). This is another Mining Western from Delmar Daves, which is actually a Western remake of The Asphalt Jungle (John Huston, 1950). The screenplay is based on a novel by W. R. Burnett. Ladd -- 'The Dutchman' -- and Borgnine -- McBain -- are recently released from Arizona territorial (map)prison in 1898. The prison scenes in the film are fairly good. A reluctant partnership is formed after release and the boys pursue that 'one big, final score.' The Badlanders is a pretty good Western. I often find Mr. Daves Westerns to be rather clunky in their staging and acting, but they are honest in their revealing of solid stories. I thought Borgnine was good here as usual, but Ladd I always find a bit peculiar in the Old West. In the final scene he does one of his odd hoppy-skips before strolling off into the sunset.There is fine suspense and second-guessing throughout the film, and this movie does its urban source proud. This is nothing less than a GOOD VIEW in the tradition of many well-rounded 1950s Westerns.


  • Alan Ladd....Peter van Hoek 'The Dutchman'
  • Ernest Borgnine.... John McBain
  • Katy Jurado.... Anita
  • Claire Kelly.... Ada Winton
  • Kent Smith .... Cyril Lounsbery
  • Nehemiah Persoff.... Vincente
  • Robert Emhardt.... Sample
  • Anthony Caruso.... Comanche
  • Adam Williams.... Leslie
  • Ford Rainey.... Warden
  • John Daheim.... Lee
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