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Director: Gene Kelly
Screenwriters: James Lee Barrett
Length: 103 minutes
Released: 1970

the cheyenne social clubJimmy Steward is in top form as the naive, aw shucks, cowboy John O'Hanlan in this wholesome comedy. He and saddle mate, Harley Sullivan (Henry Fonda) leave the range to take charge of the Cheyenne Social Club. A dance-hall, saloon, brothel that O'Hanlan's beloved bother (deceased) founded. As in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Steward a principled man in a lawless land. Fonda is the mild mannered Harley, a simple sort, not easily riled. The chemistry betwixt the two works and is believable. The two buddies are fish-out-of-water at the Club. Their awkwardness makes for some laughable moments. Contrasted with other Westerns made in 1970, The Cheyenne Social Club is striking in its avoidance of graphic violence. Other Westerns made ~1970 were showcasing foul language and much blood (The Wild Bunch ~1969). The Cheyenne Social Club reverts to the style of many Westerns made in the 1930's & 1940's. It is a wholesome Western romp and a Good View.


  • James Stewart.... John O'Hanlan
  • Henry Fonda.... Harley Sullivan
  • Shirley Jones.... Jenny
  • Sue Ane Langdon.... Opal Ann
  • Elaine Devry.... Pauline
  • Robert Middleton.... Bartender
  • Arch Johnson.... Marshal Anderson
  • Dabbs Greer....Willowby
  • Jackie Russell.... Carrie Virginia
  • Jackie Joseph.... Annie Jo
  • Shannon De Bord.... Sara Jean
  • Richard Collier.... Nathan Potter
  • Charles Tyner.... Charlie Bannister
  • Jean Willes.... Alice
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