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Director: Ted Post (and portions by Clint...)
Screenwriters: Leonard Freeman & Mel Goldberg
Length: 114 minutes
Theme Song: Original music by Dominic Frontiere - Note: Frontiere has some big shoes to fill as he follows Ennio Morricone's amazing "Man with No Name" movie scores. The whistle-less Frontiere music uses Morricone's bells, drums, horns, and flamenco guitar. All made somewhat soggy by flat organ play.
Released: 1967

hang em highThis was the first 'American Spaghetti Western', probably a cinematic contradiction-in-terms if ever there was one. Eastwood's first major starring role outside of Europe, and produced by his Malpaso enterprise. Clint here turns quickly from quiet rancher to revengeful Oklahoma Territory (map) lawman, effectively using the Marshal's badge pinned on him by hanging Judge Adam Fenton (Pat Hingle) to exact revenge on the men who tried to lynch him for faulty accusations of cattle rustling. His spaghetti non-name persona is softened here for the American audience as he does have a name (Jed Cooper) and a persona (ex-St. Louis lawman turned Oklahoma rancher) and even a love interest (Inger Stevens). So the movie is worthwhile for those interested in seeing the Americanization of a very cool European film concept. The film was commercially successful at the time, though rather uneven when viewed today. Be sure and keep your eye out for a young, sneering Bruce Dern, an even smaller role for Dennis Hopper, and Clint arresting the skipper of the SS Minnow, Alan Hale, Jr.. All things considered, we call this American Spaghetti nothing more that a Good Viewer.


  • Clint Eastwood.... Marshal Jedediah Cooper
  • Inger Stevens.... Rachel Warren
  • Ed Begley.... Capt. Wilson
  • Pat Hingle.... Territorial Judge Adam Fenton, Fort Grant Arkansas
  • Ben Johnson .... Marshal Dave Bliss
  • Charles McGraw.... Red Creek Sheriff Ray Calhoun
  • Ruth White .... Madame 'Peaches' Sophie
  • Bruce Dern.... Miller, Rustler
  • Alan Hale Jr..... Stone, Red Creek Blacksmith
  • Arlene Golonka.... Jennifer, Prostitute
  • James Westerfield.... Prisoner
  • Dennis Hopper.... The Prophet
  • L.Q. Jones.... M. Loomis, Cooper Hanging Party
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