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Director: Richard Wilson ... Produced by: Samuel Goldwyn Jr.
Length: 83 minutes
Released: 1955

man with the gun 1955Riding on the heels on High Noon (1952) and Shane (1953), Man With the Gun borrows from both movies in effort to tell the story a town to weak or unskilled to rid itself of the bully. The town of Sheridan is being usurped by Dade Holman. He runs the mines outside town and many of the businesses in town including the Palace. The Palace employs showgirls who dance and cavort, going so far as to escort patrons home. Angie Dickinson (Kitty) makes an early career appearance as one of the girls.

Robert Mitchum is Clint Tollinger, a "town tamer" with a reputation as an unmerciful disciplinarian. He comes to town in search of his estranged wife, Stella. Once an innocent, Stella now runs the stable of showgirls working at the Palace.

Man With the Gun tries to fully develop its key characters. There is Nelly Bain, the sweet and naive town beauty (much like Amy Kane in High Noon). And Jeff Castle, the principled young man who lacks the gun skills to handle the town bully and his henchmen (not unlike Joe Starrett in Shane). Henry Hull the seasoned western character actor turns in a good performance as the town sheriff.

Although it contains little original material, Man With the Gun, delivers an entertaining view. Fans of Bob Mitchum will enjoy the many syrupy one liners he pours. While definitely not a Must See, Man With the Gun is a solid Good Viewer.


  • Robert Mitchum.... Clint Tollinger
  • Jan Sterling.... Nelly Bain
  • Karen Sharpe .... Stella Atkins
  • Henry Hull.... Marshal Sims
  • Emile Meyer.... Saul Atkins
  • John Lupton.... Jeff Castle
  • Barbara Lawrence.... Ann Wakefield
  • Ted de Corsia....'Frenchy' Lescaux
  • Joe Barry...Dade Holman
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