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Director: Francis D. Lyon
Screenwriters: Daniel B. Ullman
Length: 80 minutes
Released: 1957

the oklahoman 1957A 'Town-Western' as McRae, moving to California with a wagon train in 1870, improvises and decides to settle in Oklahoma. He becomes the town doctor, and as a single father begins to receive much attention from the county's woman folk. His taking on a pretty young Cherokee woman to nanny his daughter raises no small amount of gossip. We have here a doctor as the Western hero, a nice change from the typical Western drunken physician, boozing to escape internal demons or conflicts back East.

The Oklahoman is also an 'Oil Western', as local business interests find 'black gold' on one Indians' ranch. The movie is decidedly sympathetic with the Indians, and despite its sensitively and domesticity, there is ample action and shooting.

The Oklahoman is sufficient Western fare but in no way remarkable. Another boring performance from McRae does not help. The Indian element of the film is interesting, but we rate it overall nothing more than a Good View.



  • Joel McCrea.... Dr. John Brighton
  • Barbara Hale.... Ann Barnes
  • Brad Dexter.... Cass Dobie
  • Gloria Talbott.... Maria Smith
  • Verna Felton.... Mrs. Waynebrooke
  • Douglas Dick .... Mel Dobie
  • Michael Pate.... Charlie Smith
  • Anthony Caruso .... Jim Hawk
  • Esther Dale .... Mrs. Fitzgerald
  • Adam Williams .... Randell
  • Ray Teal.... Jason
  • Peter J. Votrian.... Little Charlie
  • John Pickard .... Marshal
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