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Director: Ang Lee
Length: 139 mins.
Released: 1999

Ride With the DevilThis is a Missouri Western in the tradition of the James gang stories (list). Hard working, principled folk get caught in the middle of something they cannot control and did not start. This tale is set in Missouri toward the end of the Civil War. Skeet and the boys are a band of guerrillas that are fighting Union forces and Jayhawkers in the hills of MO. Strangely, they hold no racist beliefs and do not have an interest in upholding slavery. They are fighting simply because they do not like to be told what to do. They are rebels among the rebels. In some scenes, the prancing rock and roll rebels appear to be painfully self-aware. Thankfully, they stop just short of combing each others hair at the end of each day . Regardless, the movie does have many redeeming virtues. The several cavalry charges are spectacular and Jewel puts in a believable performance as a sweet widow and mother.

Without doubt this is a good viewer and could have been better had some of the cumbersome language, MTV prancing, and fancy duds been shed.


  • Skeet Ulrich.... Jack Bull Chiles
  • Tobey Maguire.... Jake Roedel
  • Jewel Kilcher.... Sue Lee Shelley
  • Jeffrey Wright .... Daniel Holt
  • Simon Baker .... George Clyde
  • Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.... Pitt Mackeson
  • James Caviezel.... Black John
  • Tom Guiry.... Riley Crawford
  • Tom Wilkinson .... Orton Brown
  • Jonathan Brandis.... Cave Wyatt
  • Michael W. Nash.... Horton Lee Sr.
  • John Judd ... Otto Roedel
  • Don Shanks... George
  • Jay Thorson.... Ted
  • John Ales.... Quantrill
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