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Director: Edward Dmytryk
Length: 121 mins.
Theme Song: Music: Leigh Harline
Released: 1959

warlock 1959A solid, well-told, well-acted tale of law and order in the old Western town of Warlock. A good "end-of-the-lawless-frontier" Western which presents the specifics of trying to replace anarchy with order on the frontier. Henry Fonda, wielding his 'White Affidavit', is the itinerant hired-gun 'marshall', Quinn his somewhat too-admiring right hand man, and Widmark the redeemed thug. All three of these performances are good and contribute to elevating the movie. There are some other good characters colored with some complexity as they come to terms with advancing civilization, including DeForest "Bones" Kelley. The set design on Warlock is also pretty good and aids the overall convincing feel of the film. Undoubtedly a Good View and quite possibly a Must See due to the solid, quality, straight-forward, 1950s acting of the 3 leads.



  • Richard Widmark....Johnny Gannon
  • Henry Fonda.... Clay Blaisdell
  • Anthony Quinn.... Tom Morgan
  • Dorothy Malone.... Lily Dollar
  • Dolores Michaels.... Jessie Marlow
  • Wallace Ford.... Judge Holloway
  • Tom Drake.... Abe McQuown
  • Richard Arlen.... Bacon
  • DeForest Kelley.... Curley Burne
  • Regis Toomey.... Skinner
  • Vaughn Taylor.... Richardson
  • Don Beddoe.... Dr. Wagner
  • Whit Bissell.... Petrix
  • Bartlett Robinson... Slavin
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