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Director: Burt Kennedy
Length: 101 mins.
Theme Song: Ballad of the War Wagon" Sung by Ed Ames / Written by Dimitri Tiomkin
Released: 1967

war wagon filmWar Wagon is a light hearted Western that does not attempt to do more than entertain viewers. There is a good natured repoire between wronged rancher Taw Jackson (John Wayne) and gunslinger Lomax (Kirk Douglas). Wayne enters Douglas' saloon and orders a whiskey. Before Wayne can wet his whistle an unseen Douglas bellows; "enjoy your drink, it'll be your last." To which Wayne responds, " That's a shame, I kinda hoped my last drink would be a big one".

Wayne and Douglas team up against evil Mining company owner, Pierce (Bruce Cabot). Pierce pampers his gold transport vehicle, the War Wagon. When the mammoth vehicle is not on the trail, it is being smithed.

One of the highlights of the movie is a gigantic barroom brawl. War Wagon is a Good Viewer thanks to solid performances by both John Wayne and Kirk Douglas.


  • John Wayne.... Taw Jackson
  • Kirk Douglas.... Lomax
  • Howard Keel... Levi Walking Bear
  • Robert Walker Jr..... Billy Hyatt
  • Keenan Wynn.... Wes Fletcher
  • Bruce Cabot.... Frank Pierce
  • Joanna Barnes.... Lola
  • Valora Noland.... Kate
  • Bruce Dern.... Hammond
  • Gene Evans .... Hoag
  • Terry Wilson .... Sheriff Strike
  • Don Collier.... Shack
  • Sheb Wooley.... Snyder
  • Ann McCrea.... Felicia
  • Emilio Fernández....Calito
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