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Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Screenwriters: Lawrence and Mark Kasdan
Length: 133 mins.
Released: 1985

silverado posterA good, humorous, adventurous Western romp in the classic tradition. Updated and presented with care are all the old clichés of the West except menacing Indian attacks. This movie has the pace and lively score of the old Saturday-matinee cowboy movies. The problem here is not Indians, but a group of bad guys in the form of land-grabbing ranchers who are making things far too uncomfortable for the new settlers. The old 'wandering cowboy--settling down' tension takes the form of Good Guy Kevin Kline, leader of the Lawrence Kasdan acting company. And the Western-revision is offered here by black Cowboy Danny Glover, who proves to be as good a rifle shot as he is a friend. Rosanna Arquette, since eclipsed by sister Patricia, offers us the contemporary, more slightly complicated female Western role, though she does spend a good deal of her performance looking needy and doe-eyed in the direction of Kline. A young Kevin Costner lends the movie some energy and spark (whatever happened to that from him?) as the loose-cannon sure-shot. There is nothing new, aggressive or unusual here, but this is a highly entertaining, well done, straightforward Western. For those looking for a high degree of fun and adventure, presented in a quality package, we at CouchCowboy offer this as a Must See.



  • Kevin Kline ...Paden
  • Scott Glenn... Emmett
  • Kevin Costner... Jake
  • Danny Glover .... Malachi "Mal" Johnson
  • Marvin J. McIntyre .... Clerk
  • Brad Williams .... Trooper
  • Sheb Wooley .... Cavalry Sergeant
  • Jon Kasdan .... Boy at Outpost
  • John Cleese .... Sheriff John Langston
  • Todd Allen .... Deputy Kern
  • Kenny Call .... Deputy Block
  • Bill Thurman .... Proprietor, Carter
  • Meg Kasdan .... Barmaid
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