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Director: Edwin Sherin
Screenwriters: Roland Kibbee from a Elmore Leonard novel
Length: 90 minutes
Released: 1971

valdez is comingThis saga was filmed in Spain and based on an Elmore Leonard novel. It is a revenge Western, centered on Valdez (portrayed by Lancaster, an American, playing a Mexican-American in Spain...) seeking retribution from a gang-leader who dismissed his request for justice for the widow of a killing. This is a fairly good film critically supported by Lancaster's interesting performance as the quiet, under-estimated, sharp-shooting tracker. The ambiguous ending may be particularly pleasing to many viewers.Because of the solid Western tale of suspenseful revenge and Lancaster's carefully calibrated leading performance, we recommend Valdez is Coming as a Must See.


  • Burt Lancaster.... Bob Valdez
  • Susan Clark.... Gay Erin
  • Frank Silvera.... Diego
  • Jon Cypher.... Frank Tanner
  • Richard Jordan.... R.L. Davis
  • Barton Heyman.... El Segundo
  • Hector Elizondo.... Mexican Rider
  • Phil Brown .... Malson
  • Ralph Brown .... Beaudry
  • Werner Hasselmann.... Sheriff
  • Lex Monson.... Rincon
  • Sylvia Paggioli.... Segundo's Girl
  • José García García.... Carlos
  • María Montez .... Anita
  • Juanita Penaloza.... Indian Woman
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