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Director: John Ford
Screenwriters: Frank Nugent & Laurence Stallings from stories by James Warner Bellah.
Length: 103 mins.
Theme Song: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Richard Hageman
Released: 1949

she wore a yellow ribbon posterOne of Ford's three great cavalry Westerns. Ford again captures the beauty of Monument Valley National Park. The Duke is the soon-to-retire Captain Brittles, the much loved taskmaster at the fort. His retirement could not come at a worse time as the Natives are growing restless.


  • John Wayne....Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
  • Joanne Dru....Olivia Dandridge
  • John Agar....Lieutenant Flint Cohill
  • Ben Johnson ....Sergeant Tyree
  • Harry Carey Jr.....Lt. Ross Pennell
  • Victor McLaglen....Sergeant Quincannon
  • Mildred Natwick....Abby Allshard
  • George O'Brien....Major Allshard
  • Arthur Shields....Dr. O'Laughlin
  • Francis Ford....Barman
  • Harry Woods ....Karl Rynders
  • Chief John Big Tree....Pony That Walks
  • Noble Johnson....Red Shirt
  • Cliff Lyons....Trooper Cliff
  • Tom Tyler ....Corporal Mike Quayne
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