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Director: Walter Hill
Screenwriters: John Milius
Length: 110 mins.
Released: 1994

geronimo film posterThis is a contemporary, revisionist Indian War movie, much sympathetic to the Indian plight and respectful of the Geronimo legend. The movie's focus is on the 'Geronimo Campaign' when the cavalry chased the fierce Chiracowa Apache all over the Southwest in the 1880s after he refused reservation confinement. There is adequate action, and the overall production of the film is above-average (won Academy Award for Best Sound). The film is somber -- understandable considering its grim subject matter -- and almost documentary-like in its deliberate, respectful approach to the Geronimo legend. And though it is sympathetic to the horrible plight of the Indians, it presents a rather balanced approach to the difficult issues of Western settlement. Don't be put off by the seriousness of this movie: there is some gripping action and sweeping emotion. The haunting Ry Cooder score is revisionist in a welcome way also, a much-needed update on the Atlanta-Braves-Indian-Chant music of earlier Westerns. The acting is excellent: what more need be said of a Hollywood movie with both Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman in its cast? These two essentially steal every scene they're in, and fortunately they're in quite a few.

Considering its laudable updating of a prominent Western legend, we call GOOD VIEW.


  • Jason Patric.... 1st Lieutenant Charles B. Gatewood
  • Gene Hackman .... Brigadier General George Crook
  • Robert Duvall .... Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts
  • Wes Studi .... Geronimo
  • Matt Damon .... 2nd Lieutenant Britton Davis/Narrator
  • Rodney A. Grant .... Mangas
  • Kevin Tighe .... Brigadier General Nelson Miles
  • Steve Reevis .... Chato
  • Carlos Palomino .... Sergeant Turkey
  • Victor Aaron .... Ulzana
  • Stuart Proud Eagle Grant .... Sergeant Dutchy
  • Stephen McHattie .... Schoonover
  • John Finn .... Captain Hentig
  • Lee de Broux .... City Marshal Joe Hawkins
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