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Director: John Ford
Screenwriters: Laurence Stallings & Frank Nugent from a Peter Kyne story
Length: 110 minutes
Released: 1986

3 godfathers 1948 posterThis is a remake of an earlier, silent Ford Western from 1919 with Harry Carey, Sr., "Marked Men". A Western reworking of the story of the Three Magi, Wayne is one of three fleeing bank robbers in the desert who come across a dying pioneer woman who gives birth. She names the three fugitives her child's Godfathers, and from there, a commendable mixture of sentimentality, farce and danger interweave to the movie's end.

Considered one of Ford's minor Westerns, "3 Godfathers" nonetheless has moments of true quality and intrigue for Western fans and admirers of John Ford. Though the later, popular American light comedy "Three Men and a Baby" (1987) starring Tom Selleck claims to be a remake of a French film, "Three Man and a Cradle" (1985), it is most likely Ford's picture which is the ultimate inspiration.

Though this movie is not among Ford's very best, it is interesting and solid Western film making nonetheless. Thereby, we rate it a Must See.


  • John Wayne.... Robert Marmaduke Sangster Hightower
  • Pedro Armendáriz.... Pedro Roca Fuerte
  • Harry Carey Jr..... William Kearney, 'The Abilene Kid'
  • Ward Bond.... Perley 'Buck' Sweet
  • Mae Marsh.... Mrs. Perley Sweet
  • Mildred Natwick.... The Mother
  • Jane Darwell.... Miss Florie
  • Guy Kibbee.... Judge
  • Dorothy Ford ... Ruby Latham
  • Ben Johnson.... Posse Man #1
  • Charles Halton.... Mr. Latham
  • Hank Worden.... Deputy Curly
  • Jack Pennick.... Luke the Conductor
  • Fred Libby.... Deputy
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