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Director: Anthony Mann
Screenwriters: Philip Yordan & Frank Burt from Thomas Flynn's Saturday Evening Post story.
Length: 104 min.
Released: 1955

man from laramie posterJimmy Stewart is, of course, the Man of the title. He comes from Laramie hauling freight by wagon train -- he's an independent cross-road truck driver in the Old West. He gets caught up in a wide-spread classic saga of rancher greed, town suspicion and long unrequited love. Additionally, there is gun-running to the Apaches. Like one of his Hitchcock characters, Jimmy becomes innocently swept up in things much larger and longer running than himself. His guile, principle and considerable fortitude of character see him through. This one is worth sticking with to find out. Stewart is good here, perhaps at his best ever in the Old West. This is the last of the Stewart-Mann collaborations and usually considered the best.

While we agree, we don't quite rate it a classic, but give it a resounding Must See.



  • James Stewart....Will Lockhart
  • Arthur Kennedy ....Vic Hansbro
  • Donald Crisp ....Alec Waggoman
  • Cathy O'Donnell .... Barbara Waggoman
  • Alex Nicol ....Dave Waggoman
  • Aline MacMahon .... Kate Canady
  • Wallace Ford .... Charley O'Leary
  • Jack Elam ....Chris Boldt
  • John War Eagle .... Frank Darrah
  • James Millican .... Sheriff Tom Quigby
  • Gregg Barton .... Fritz
  • Boyd Stockman .... Spud Oxton
  • Frank DeKova .... Padre
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