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Director: Marlon Brando
Screenwriters: Guy Trosper & Calder Willingham from Charles Neider's novel The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones.
Length: 141 mins.
Released: 1961

one eyed jacks posterThis film, directed by Marlon Brando, encompasses not only the classic elements of the Western story, but offers rich character development as well. The plot includes the familiar themes of double-cross and revenge, with plenty of Western-style action: Bank robberies, a drunken fiesta, use of the whipping post, the threat of a public hanging, gun-play and target practice, a suspenseful shootout, and time in a Mexican jail. The players include a main character with whom we empathize and at times may despise, a sheriff with a shady history, and a strong, principled mother-and-daughter team. These qualities, along with additional subplots throughout the movie, make this an intriguing movie. The inclusion of the beautiful coastal scenery of Mexico, the use of Mexican characters appropriately speaking their native language, and the positive portrayal of the leading women further contribute to this film, earning Brando a spot in the noble "Must-See" Couchcowboy classification.



  • Marlon Brando ....Rio
  • Karl Malden .... Sheriff Dad Longworth Monterey California
  • Katy Jurado .... Maria Longworth
  • Ben Johnson .... Bob Amory
  • Slim Pickens .... Deputy Lon Dedrick
  • Larry Duran .... Chico Modesto
  • Sam Gilman .... Harvey Johnson
  • Timothy Carey .... Howard Tetley
  • Miriam Colon .... Redhead
  • Elisha Cook Jr. .... Carvey, the Bank Teller
  • Rodolfo Acosta .... Ruales Captain
  • Joan Petrone .... Flower Girl
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