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Director: Richard Sarafian
Length: 114 minutes
Released: 1973

man who loved cat dancingThis film is based on a novel by Marilyn Durham, the screenplay is by Eleanor Perry, who also co-produced. With the opening credits, we have a Western heavily influenced in significant areas by women. We welcome this influence. As the movie begins, we feel the early 70s pulses and immediately sense it is a romantic Western done in the vein (not to mention the blockbuster shadow...) of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Burt Reynolds, in his first major leading role, is a train robber on the run putting up with a hapless band of misfits. Circumstances separate him from them and find Burt concentrating his attentions on Sarah Miles, a decidedly Non-Sexy woman inexplicably cast here opposite the handsome and dashing Reynolds. The ensuing story cannot salvage the casting oversight. Love is on the run in the Old West, but we just don't ever really care whether they get away or not. Good love stories may be more difficult and tricky to make than decent all-around Westerns. The Man Who loved Cat Dancing fails at the former and never quite achieves the latter.

Despite a good show by Burt, and a particularly strong appearance by Jack Warden, this Western eventually drowns under the unnecessary weight of its own sensitivity. We can't help but warn you that this is a Rough Rider.



  • Burt Reynolds.... Jay
  • Sarah Miles.... Catherine
  • Lee J. Cobb.... Lapchance
  • Jack Warden.... Dawes
  • George Hamilton.... Crocker
  • Bo Hopkins.... Billy
  • Robert Donner.... Dub
  • Sandy Kevin.... Ben
  • Larry Littlebird.... Iron Knife
  • Nancy Malone.... Sudie
  • Jay Silverheels.... The Chief
  • Jay Varela.... Charlie
  • Owen Bush.... Conductor
  • Larry Finley .... Bartender
  • Sutero García Jr..... Dream Speaker
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