Sunday, Dec 2023
Director: Jerry Hopper
Length: 101 mins.
Released: 1953

pony express film posterBuffalo Bill (Charlton Heston) and Wild Bill Hickok (Forrest Tucker) team to form the Pony Express. The mail service from St Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA. Like a similar western "technology" film, Western Union (1941), The Pony Express is somewhat dull. Sure there are plenty of riders being chased by a variety of bad guys. Most menacing are those employed by a California consortium that wants the state to be independent. And Charlton Heston does his best to portray the legendary Buffalo Bill. But whenever he fires his pistol, Heston has a tendency to go splay-legged. That is, he holds he knees together like a school girl in need of a trip down the hall. The movie does include some stunning scenery but failed to captivate this viewer. So here the film sits, on the rough rider page.


  • Charlton Heston....William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody
  • Rhonda Fleming.... Evelyn Hastings
  • Jan Sterling.... Denny
  • Forrest Tucker.... Wild Bill Hickok
  • Michael Moore .... Rance Hastings
  • Porter Hall.... Jim Bridger
  • Richard Shannon... Barrett
  • Henry Brandon.... Joe Cooper, Owner Overland Express Co.
  • Stuart Randall.... Pemberton, Editor California Weekly Bulletin
  • Lewis Martin .... Sergeant Russell
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