Thursday, Jun 2024

western union 1941As a sedative, this film is outstanding. After two attempts to watch and two sleepy results, this reviewer gives up and places the movie here among the Rough Riders. Unfair perhaps, but considering the strength of the cast, especially the cast of classic cowboys, Scott, Carradine, Summerville, Wills, and MacLane, there is no excuse for failing to entertain. Lang directed many great westerns so it is not right to completely blame him. This leaves the story holding the bag. To be sure, a story about the coming of the "singing wire" is about as exciting as reading a wet newspaper. The telegraph is the hero in this movie. And although an exciting technology for its time, it lacks charisma. So, despite its strong supporting cast, Western Union is dull. We therefore banish it to the Rough Rider page. Where it can ride fence with other unremarkable movies.


  • Robert Young.... Richard Blake
  • Randolph Scott.... Vance Shaw, Scout
  • Dean Jagger.... Edward Creighton, Western Union Chief Engineer
  • Virginia Gilmore... Sue Creighton
  • John Carradine.... Doc Murdoch
  • Slim Summerville.... Herman the Cook
  • Chill Wills.... Homer Kettle, Creighton's Assistant
  • Barton MacLane....Jack Slade
  • Russell Hicks.... Provisional Gov. Territory of Nebraska
  • Victor Kilian.... Charlie
  • Minor Watson.... Pat Grogan, Western Union Foreman
  • George Chandler.... Herb, Wounded Western Union Man
  • Chief John Big Tree.... Chief Spotted Horse
  • Chief Thundercloud.... Indian Leader
  • Dick Rich.... Porky
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