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Year Released
Who Portrayed Jesse
1921 Jesse James Under the Black Flag Jesse James, Jr.
1921 Jesse James as the Outlaw Jesse James, Jr.
1927 Jesse James Fred Thompson
1939 Jesse James Tyrone Power
1939 Days of Jesse James Don "Red" Barry
1940 Return of Frank James Jesse James
1941 Jesse James at Bay Roy Rogers
1941 Bad Men of Missouri Alan Baxter
1942 The Remarkable Andrew Rod Cameron
1942 The Kansan George Reeves
1946 Badmen's Territory Lawrence Tierney
1947 Jesse James Rides Again Clayton Moore
1948 Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Clayton Moore
1949 Fighting Man of the Plains Dale Robertson
1949 James Brothers of Missouri Keith Richards
1949 The Younger Brothers No Jesse
1949 I Shot Jesse James Reed Hadley
1950 Kansas Raiders Audie Murphy
1951 The Best of the Badmen Lawrence Tierney
1951 The Great Missouri Raid Macdonald Carey
1953 The Great Jesse James Raid Willard Parker
1953 Woman They Almost Lynched Ben Cooper
1954 Jesse James' Woman Don "Red" Barry
1954 Jesse James vs. The Daltons No Jesse
1955 Outlaw Treasure Harry Lauter
1957 The True Story of Jesse James Robert Wagner
1957 Hell's Crossroads Henry Brandon
1959 Alias Jesse James Wendell Corey (with Bob Hope)
1960 Young Jesse James Ray Stricklyn
1961 The True Gang Murders Documentary  
1965 The Outlaws is Coming Wayne Mack (with the 3 Stooges)
1966 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter John Lupton
1969 A Time for Dying A Time for Dying Audie Murphy
1972 The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Robert Duvall
1980 The Long Riders James Keach
1994 Frank and Jesse Rob Lowe
2001 American Outlaws Colin Farrell
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